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FOOD. It is the greatest of my loves.

I cooked once. From the fiery Michelin-starred woks of Hong Kong to the seasonally diverse cuisine of the Pacific Northwest, I was seduced by the colours, scents, and ephemeral flavours of vegetables.

I wanted to taste their colours and tell stories of their origins: to grow the history of crookneck watermelons, and the tale of mortgage lifter tomatoes. And so I travelled to seek old seeds, forgotten recipes, and traditions we had abandoned in our modern quest for volume, speed, and productivity.

I came to find profundity in the humility of bread. With only flour, salt, water, and yeast, there was nothing to hide behind but for the mastery of your craft.

And so, after nearly a decade of cooking, I sheathed my knives for a trowel and applied the same philosophy to farming. Immersed in the alchemy of light and clay, soil is the purest source of flavour. Nutty sunchokes, peppery-sweet brussel sprouts, and savoury tomatoes… I look forward to celebrating the terroir of my vegetables together =)

Meet Your Farmer
How We Grow

How We Grow

The Farmhouse Bard is a small vegetable farm located in Surrey, BC. Using organic practices, minimal tillage, and a strong focus on soil biology and fertility, we’re in the business of growing flavourful, nutrient-dense food. We eschew the partices of larger, conventional farms in favour of flavour, mineralization, and nutrition. We don’t just feed people – we’re empowering you to grow stronger and live a more vibrant and resilient life.

People often ask, what kinds of vegetables do we grow? And the answer is as simple as it is ferocious:

We grow the kinds of food that gets you up in arms, railing against our conventional food system. The kind of food that makes you ask, how in the hell can they get away with calling those damned things in the store tomatoes?! We believe in flavour, in nutirition, and in living the good life. Eating well ought to be a right and these are the seeds of our revolution.

We grow in the heaviest of clay soils: the kind that you sell at a pottery studio, and not a farmers market. But we believe the challenge of clay holds the greatest potential for flavour. In the words of Kennedy, “we choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win”.

Join us, as we set out to transform the very essence of what it means to eat well.



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